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Ellis Park is an extension of the Sumatra Wildlife Center  
An initiative of Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN)


The inception of Ellis Park - Femke den Haas showing the available land via video to Warren Ellis.


​Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to protect Indonesian wildlife.  JAAN receives its funding and support from individual donors and works with the Indonesian public and authorities to rescue animals from exploitation, runs programs to help minimise wildlife extinction, works to halt the illegal wildlife trade and to improve animal welfare in Indonesia.

JAAN was founded by Femke den Haas and Geoffrey Deckers in 2004 and in Jakarta by Femke den Haas, Karin Franken and Natalie Stewart (2008).

JAAN’s office serves as center where people can obtain information about helping animals, report animal cruelty and serves as a meeting place for volunteers willing to assist. JAAN works with rescue centers, rehabilitation centers, NGO’s, other organizations and government institutions throughout Indonesia and also internationally.

JAAN strives to react to all cruelty cases and animal related problems throughout the country and assists in seeking solutions for welfare improvement for any animal species.  


We not only work with the government, but also confront them with animal related issues that need their attention. Our team assists government officials with confiscations of wildlife and fast response actions to solve wildlife crime.  We provide excellent aftercare for confiscated animals.

Throughout the years, JAAN had not owned a rescue center, instead rented land at the locations we work.

In 2017 with support from the Bentley Foundation and a private donor, 7000 Square Meters of land was purchased at a very strategic location which enabled the very first wildlife center in the south of Sumatra focusing on wildlife crime issues.  The Sumatra Wildlife Center was a dream come true for JAAN Wildlife founder Femke den Haas.  Since 2002 many confiscated animals from Sumatra would end up in rescue centers in Java and other parts of Indonesia, as there was no facility available in the south of Sumatra which is the main hub for wildlife crime. With the financial support through Stichting JAAN Holland, the newspaper agency Telegraaf donated 60.000 euro to allow the construction of the much needed facilities at the center. 

At the Sumatra Wildlife center, we rehabilitate and release victims of the illegal wildlife trade. These animals have been found by our K9 unit (wildlife detection dogs).  Our K9 unit are specially trained sniffer dogs used to tackle illegal wildlife smuggling in the harbour and other important key areas.


When you rescue wildlife, not everyone is a suitable release candidate.
​Sadly, there are some animals that are handicapped or too traumatised and cannot be released back into the wild. For some animals, finding of a safe release site is also challenging. Therefore there are rescued animals that need a forever home, a proper center where they can enjoy life to the fullest in our care.  

JAAN have strived for many years to obtain our own sanctuary, which has been finally realised in 2021 (Ellis Park). 
We are extremely happy to share the news that we bundled forces with our long time friend and collaborator Lorinda Jane (Palm Oil Investigations), to help us bring a reality to the desperately needed sanctuary.  With the kind support of the amazing Warren Ellis, this long term need is now coming to fruition. In April 2021 Warren has made it possible to extend the Sumatra Wildlife Center with 5000 square meters of land dedicated to house un-releasable wildlife.​

​At the Sumatra Wildlife Center​, it is our aim is to rehabilitate and release all individuals rescued However, there are animals in need of long term care because they are not able to be released.  Ellis Park is strategically located on adjoining land next to the Sumatra Wildlife Center and will provide long term care for those that cannot be released into the wild. We hope to secure more adjoining land in so we can extend the park for more animals.

Ellis Park will also be used as a hub to educate the public, locals and visitors to the park about the negative impacts on wildlife used in the tourism industry and those saved from the illegal pet trade and wildlife smuggling. 

We are 100% voluntary run.


Other projects run by JAAN 

  • Since 2013 we have rescued and rehabilitated more then 300 ex dancing monkeys. In 2019 we obtained a national ban on dancing monkeys. Our rescue mission is ongoing and continues until the last monkey is saved.

  • Rehabilitation center for raptors which is located on a private island; here we also run recycling activities and efforts to protect the coral reef.

  • Rescue and Rehabilitation Program for the Brahminy Kite raptor.

  • Thousand islands sea turtle protection project.

  • Sterilization of street cats and dogs

  • JAAN Domestic runs a very active rescue and adoption program for domestic animals, having rescued, rehomed hundreds of dogs over the years. Education is a vital activity for JAAN domestic with the focus on general animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

  • Campaign against dolphin travelling circuses commenced in 2008.  In February 2020 the success of this campaign made travelling dolphin shows illegal to operate.

  • Bali dolphin sanctuary. Rehabilitation and release project for ex circus dolphins in conjunction with the Dolphin Project. 

  • JAAN Domestic Dogs are not Food program (2012), later Dog Meat Free Indonesia (2018), investigations and exposure of the cruel Dogmeat trade is ongoing.

  • Welfare checks and rescues of abused carriage horses.

  • Other programs include the and ongoing illegal wildlife trade monitoring, rescue and rehabilitation.


In April 2016 the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo presented JAAN with a plaque of appreciation for our raptor program.

On May 3 2021 we were provided an award of appreciation by the Minister of Forestry, Ms Siti Nurbaya for our work to combat wildlife crime in partnership with the authorities and highlighted one special case of orangutan trading we managed to tackle. 



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