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I was first introduced to Femke and her work with animal protection in Indonesia by my old mate Lorinda Jane in February 2021. Within the space of 30 seconds I knew I wanted to support Femke and her cause. I was blown away by what she has achieved, she is a force of nature. 
It was the story and images of Rina the monkey with both arms amputated and a little dog with a broken jaw that made me want to help.
For a long time I have wanted to get involved with helping animals but was never sure where and what to do.  Femke told me there was some land available next to her wildlife centre in South Sumatra, that would be ideal for a forever home for animals who are unable to be released back into the wild due to their injuries sustained from maltreatment by humans.
Eventually my family and I were able to purchase and donate the land to Jakarta Animal Aid Network.
​So it is with great pleasure we are able to announce the construction of Ellis Park wildlife sanctuary.  A beautiful work in progress. Rina is the symbol of our sanctuary. Things need to be built and animals need to be healed and fed, you can help with building costs or by sponsoring a resident. The dream is to eventually extend, so we can house elephants and other large animals needing a forever home.

Please help if you can by donating and follow the growth of Ellis Park . 

Femke den Haas


About Femke den Haas

In 2002, Femke founded the Indonesian wildlife rescue center network.  2004 she founded Dutch organization Stichting JAAN (now renamed Wildlife Watchdogs) intercepting smugglers and stopping the illegal trade of wild animals from Sumatra.   In 2008 Femke founded the Indonesian NGO Jakarta Animal Aid Network (otherwise known as JAAN), who are dedicated to improving the lives of Indonesia's animals.

Femke and her team also run the Sumatra Wildlife Center which is situated in the south of Sumatra. Here they can temporarily take care of all rescued animal species. The center is located along the main smuggling route and close to the port where the animals are illegally transported to Java then other parts of the world.  

As the center has many animals rescued from the illegal trade circuit who are not releasable, there has been need to find a long term solution which is the wildlife sanctuary Ellis Park (2021). 

We have always needed a forever home for our wildlife with special needs, so Ellis Park is a dream come true.

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17,200 EURO

Fencing urgently required

5,800 EURO


WC, wash & changeroom


1,800 EURO

Open meeting area facilities

8,600 EURO

Animal clinic

19,000 EURO

Animal enclosures

8,100 EURO

Joglo education


2,300 EURO

Fruit & vegetable storage room

2,500 EURO

Solar panels & installation



GREAT NEWS - Outer perimeter fencing & solar panels covered

Our WOW moment update:

Within 7 days of launching the response has been overwhelming. We feel so humbled by everyone's support which has allowed us to start fencing the outer perimeter of the land.  We are almost one third of the way there.  This has been made possible by your amazing help and we are truly thankful. 

We now need to raise the funds for the enclosures so that our residents can be relocated to their forever home.

We have three beautiful sun bears (Billy, Ajib & Wendy) that will be relocated from Bali to Ellis Park when their enclosures are ready. 

The bears were found starving at an abandoned zoo in Bali.  When Femke first saw them they were desperately trying to climb the walls for food.  Their canine teeth removed so they could be used for photo opportunities with tourists. These bears have been kept in extremely poor conditions and we look forward to giving them a beautiful forever home.  

Regarding the eleven elephants at the same zoo, Indonesian authorities have made the decision they are to remain in Bali due to risks of them travelling and lengthy delays due to covid restrictions.  

We have also covered the costs of the solar panels, thanks to Seed & Sprout online retailer. 

Please help if you can by donating to the above fundraising campaign.

Much love to you all from Team Ellis Park

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Photo 1-6-21, 8 49 13 pm.jpg
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All our rescued wildlife waiting for their forever home have some form of handicap and unfortunately can never be released back into the wild. 


These handicaps can range from physical disabilities, severe abuse which has impacted their mental heath, or they have been born and bred in captivity making them totally reliant on humans for survival. They all require special care for the rest of their lives.


Even though our wildlife caretakers work on a voluntary basis.  The animals need to be fed, provided enrichment to ease boredom and ongoing veterinary needs.  These essentials all cost money. 

You can help by sponsoring one of our wildlife residents. 

As our team continue to intercept illegal wildlife smuggling attempts across borders, confiscate animals from the illegal pet trade or remove them from poor living conditions in Indonesia, more wildlife with special needs will be requiring a forever home at our sanctuary. 

How much of my donation goes to the cause?


We are completely voluntary run.

Wildlife Watchdogs is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (CoC nr. 27267128) and recognized by the Minister of Finance as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI no. 814973140).

Meet the residents waiting for their forever home.

Current wildlife in our care waiting for their forever home at Ellis Park.



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