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Sponsor Samson

Samson is 12 years old, a giant macaque who spent over 10 years as a pet locked in a tiny cage.  April 2024 he suddenly become paralyzed from the waist down, May 2024 he was diagnosed with cancer of the plasma cells. Samson now requires high level care.

When sponsoring Samson, you will be helping us provide the high level care he desperately needs.

We will email you a personalised certificate following your sponsorship.

We wish to thank you in advance for your support.



With huge thanks to our dedicated followers, pre-loved jewelry has been donated to help us raise funds for our wildlife.  A wide variety of precious, semi precious, costume, vintage and non-precious items are available on our store.  100% of sales go directly to our wildlife with special needs.  Orders posted from Australia. 



Plant a fruit tree at Ellis Park which includes a sign with your name.  Our team will email you a photograph of your tree on a certificate, once it has been planted with your personalized sign attached.  



Plant a fruit tree at the Ellis Park Wildlife sanctuary in the memory of a loved one.

Your remembrance tree will include the name of your loved one on site. 


Once your tree has been planted we will send you a certificate with a photograph of your tree.

Your remembrance tree will help feed the disabled wildlife in our care.


Warren Ellis

A few words from musician Warren Ellis

I was first introduced to Femke and her work with animal protection in Indonesia by my old mate Lorinda Jane in February 2021. Within the space of 30 seconds I knew I wanted to support Femke and her cause. I was blown away by what she has achieved, she is a force of nature. 
It was the story and images of Rina the monkey with both arms amputated and a little dog with a broken jaw that made me want to help.
For a long time I have wanted to get involved with helping animals but was never sure where and what to do.  Femke told me there was some land available next to her wildlife centre in South Sumatra, that would be ideal for a forever home for animals who are unable to be released back into the wild due to their injuries sustained from maltreatment by humans.
Eventually my family and I were able to purchase and donate the land to Jakarta Animal Aid Network.
​So it is with great pleasure we are able to announce the construction of Ellis Park wildlife sanctuary.  A beautiful work in progress. Rina is the symbol of our sanctuary. Things need to be built and animals need to be healed and fed, you can help with building costs or by sponsoring a resident. The dream is to eventually extend, so we can house elephants and other large animals needing a forever home.

Please help if you can by donating and follow the growth of Ellis Park . 


Femke den Haas


About Femke den Haas

In 2002, Femke founded the Indonesian wildlife rescue center network.  2004 she founded Dutch organization Stichting JAAN (now renamed Wildlife Watchdogs) intercepting smugglers and stopping the illegal trade of wild animals from Sumatra.   In 2008 Femke co-founded the Indonesian NGO Jakarta Animal Aid Network (otherwise known as JAAN), who are dedicated to improving the lives of Indonesia's animals.

Femke and her team also run the Sumatra Wildlife Center which is situated in the south of Sumatra. Here they can temporarily take care of all rescued animal species. The center is located along the main smuggling route and close to the port where the animals are illegally transported to Java then other parts of the world.  

As the center has many animals rescued from the illegal trade circuit who are not releasable, there has been need to find a long term solution which is the wildlife sanctuary Ellis Park (2021). 

We have always needed a forever home for our wildlife with special needs, so Ellis Park is a dream come true.

femke signature.png


All our rescued wildlife waiting for their forever home have some form of handicap and unfortunately can never be released back into the wild. 


These handicaps can range from physical disabilities, severe abuse which has impacted their mental heath, or they have been born and bred in captivity making them totally reliant on humans for survival. They all require special care for the rest of their lives.


Even though our wildlife caretakers work on a voluntary basis.  The animals need to be fed, provided enrichment to ease boredom and ongoing veterinary needs.  These essentials all cost money. 

You can help by sponsoring one of our wildlife residents. 

As our team continue to intercept illegal wildlife smuggling attempts across borders, confiscate animals from the illegal pet trade or remove them from poor living conditions in Indonesia, more wildlife with special needs will be requiring a forever home at our sanctuary. 


Construction starts for Balou's enclosure

Balou, the sun bear, originally comes from Sumatra. As a cub she was smuggled in to Bali by passenger bus where she was confiscated and cared for at the Bali rescue center, in a temporary facility.  She has waited for years to be able to return to Sumatra, her homeland.  As other enclosures from the wildlife smuggling attempt had taken priority, Balou's enclosure has finally begun on 2nd August 2022.  We aim to relocate Balou from Bali to Sumatra in September 2022.


Ellis Park celebrates our first birthday - 21st June 2022

Here's an overview of what we have achieved in one year. 


Hundreds of exotic parrots, finally get to spread their wings

Our team once again worked around the clock, constructing a massive aviary for the hundreds of rescued, exotic parrots that were victim of the illegal wildlife smuggling attempt. With thanks to donations, on the 2nd June 2022 the aviary was finally completed and the birds were relocated from their temporary cages into their new home.  It was a bittersweet moment for us all, happy that they

can finally fly and spread their wings, but at the same time, knowing that the free and open sky is within their view, which they sadly cannot access.  All birds are doing well and settled into their new home. 


The rescued Meerkats move into their new home

On the 3rd May 2022 we were able to complete the new Meerkat enclosure and move them from their temporary living quarters into their new forever home.  This could not have been done without the support of our wonderful donors. Our team had to reinforce the base to ensure that none of them could burrow their way out, and we covered with tons of sand which the team manually shoveled, so they can forage and play. The meerkats really settled in and spent the entire day exploring their new surroundings and at night, slept in their purposely built burrow. 


New enclosure constructed for the Marmosets

With thanks to donations, on the 27th April 2022 we were able to move the two Colombian Marmosets out of the crates they were smuggled in, and into a newly constructed temporary enclosure.  We have named these little monkeys Pablo and Rosa. Both are now doing well and enjoying their newfound space to move about. 


Illegal pet trade victim number 1,301 discovered

24th April 2022, six days after the illegal wildlife smuggling attempt was intercepted.  Our team were checking on the meerkats at night, when a little African Hedgehog was discovered who was watching the meerkats.  It is believed that the hedgehog had escaped from one of the crates when the animals were being unloaded from the police truck.  We named this little fellow Rio Junior, after Femke's son Rio, who built a special enclosure for the hedgehog.  It turns out that Rio Junior is quite the escape artist, and we would often find his enclosure empty, only to later find him wandering the grounds of our sanctuary.  Rio Junior's enclosure is now secure and he enjoys exploring and eating insects at night. Maybe he should have been named Houdini. 


Crisis occurs at Ellis Park, due to illegal wildlife smuggling attempt

A crisis emerged on the 18th April 2022, which placed extreme pressure on our team and facilities, an illegal wildlife smuggling attempt was intercepted at the Sumatran border.  A black transit van attempted to flee the checkpoint and authorities gave chase.  It was discovered to be carrying 1,300 animals packed into small crates.  To everyone's horror, these animals were not endemic to Indonesia and were a long way from their homeland. Many of the animals were in extremely poor condition, some of which were already deceased, and some had died soon after rescue.  All animals required urgent veterinary care.  Our team worked around the clock, without sleep, to care and treat these animals. We had a situation where we needed to house meerkats, marmosets and hundreds of exotic birds from Africa and Thailand. 

At both Sumatra Wildlife Center and Ellis Park, we were shuffling our existing animals into various enclosures, to make temporary space to get the smuggled animals out of the tiny crates they were found in.  An absolutely heartbreaking situation all round.  Without the existence of Ellis Park, these animals would have had nowhere to go.

ac587ce8-0f36-4de9-a710-9d7b153eec2e (1).jpg

Siamang gibbon enclosure constructed

We received information that five Siamang gibbons are in need of relocation from a government facility. These siamangs are currently in small holding cages in West Java and have been there for many years. One family of three and another two.  As adult males are territorial, they cannot be placed in the same enclosure. With thanks to donations, in March 2022 we were able to build a large, eight meter high enclosure which is separated into two, so that the adult males can be kept apart. 


Anton the Siamang Gibbon

15th February 2022. Baby siamang gibbon Anton was rescued from the illegal pet trade, and brought to Ellis Park.  Within a few days, our team managed to build a beautiful high enclosure for him to learn how to climb and be more independent. As he is a release candidate, he will be rehabilitated at a specialised center in Sumatra with other gibbons. At Ellis Park we managed to give him that first much needed boost of intensive care after his rescue. We look forward to the day that Anton is released back into the Jungle, so he can live his life wild and free. 


Rina, Dede, Koja, Anna and Elsa move in

With thanks to donations, we were able to purchase materials to build three new enclosures at Ellis Park. On the 26th January 2022, we were finally able to move Rina and her foster baby Dede, Koja, plus Anna and Elsa from the Sumatra Wildlife Center to their new forever homes at Ellis Park. 

All responded beautifully to their new environment.  Hyperactive Rina, jumped on everything and ran from one branch to the next, looking at every single thing in her new home, with Dede not far behind.  Anna and Elsa played chasey with each other then headed straight for a swim.  Whilst Koja took things slow, like she always does and went straight to her heart shaped swimming pool to watch the fish swimming.  It was beautiful to witness all four macaques exploring and enjoying their new home.


Becoming self sufficient

Ellis Park land that keeps on giving.  In January 2022, the team managed to dig a well on our land which now gives a never ending supply of water.  In the same month we also started a massive vegetable patch on our banana plantation land.  As the soil is beautiful and rich, we are managing to harvest a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, which helps feed our team and residents. Due to the tropical climate, our vegetables grow incredibly fast.


Goliath Veterinary Clinic

The Goliath Veterinary Clinic was completed January 2022 and is situated at the entrance of Ellis Park.  Construction was funded by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave. This clinic is a dream come true for our veterinary team, as they were previously using an old container at the Sumatra Wildlife Center as a temporary solution.  Our Goliath Veterinary Clinic consists of four rooms, allowing us to treat, care for and operate on rescued animals.  This clinic has made so much possible, and we are so grateful for its existence. We also now have a mobile x-ray, which is used to check rescued wildlife, especially infant primates who are often shot with air rifles and have pellets inside their bodies. 

5828c418-6077-4840-8828-b255837569f0 (1).jpg

More land secured for Ellis Park

Ellis Park wildlife sanctuary initially began with a plot of land consisting of 5798 square meters. This is where it all began and is the hub location of our sanctuary.  It is an extension of the existing Sumatra Wildlife Center.  September 2021, Warren Ellis purchased the second plot of land for Ellis Park, consisting of  2500 square meters. We call this area the Hill and it bounds onto the the rear of the Sumatra Wildlife Center.  November 2021, Warren purchased our third plot of land consisting of another 3710 square meters which bounds onto the left hand side of our sanctuary. This land was previously a banana plantation and is mostly surrounded by the river.  Ellis Park land area now consists of three acres.


Trinity, our first resident moves in

November 1st 2021. Trinity, our disabled gibbon who had been in captivity for 23 years, and was rescued from deplorable conditions, began her long journey (25 hours) from East Java to Ellis Park Sumatra. With thanks to donations, we were able to build a beautiful large enclosure for Trinity. After being vet checked and groomed, Trinity was released into her new forever home.  It was a day of great joy for the entire team, who had worked day and night to prepare for her arrival. Seeing Trinity's reaction to her new surroundings was extremely emotional.  For the first time in her life, she was able to move freely, climb and explore.  She then hobbled across the ground and sat in front of Femke (who was watching from the exterior), and displayed an approval of thanks. 


Goliath Education Center

This beautiful old antique wood Joglo (traditional Java house), was transferred to Ellis Park in December 2021 and reconstructed on site, and was funded by Warren Ellis and Nick Cave. From all around the village, we can see this breathtaking structure at Ellis Park. Our Goliath Education Center will be a true change maker, educating the young and old about the need to protect the forests and its animals within, plus teach about compassion and kindness.  We held our first class in April 2022.
It's an amazing place to gather, learn and share. 


Fruit and Vegetable storage room

With thanks to donations, we managed to build our fruit and vegetable storage room, which was completed in October 2021 and ready for use.  Complete with refrigeration, storage shelving and a wash area. A vital structure for Ellis Park, where we can store fresh produce and prepare meals for our staff and residents.  In April 2022, we also purchased a deep freezer, so that we can also freeze excess foods and make fruit icicle treats for our residents. 


How much of my donation goes to the cause?


We do not deduct any admin fees.  All donations go directly to Ellis Park and our residents.

JAAN Indonesia is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague (CoC nr. 27267128) and recognized by the Minister of Finance as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI no. 814973140).

Meet the residents at Ellis Park.

Current wildlife in our care at Ellis Park.



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